NEBULIZER (Surgery/ Medicine/ Paediatric/ Obstetric & Gynaecology)

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Dr Haikal MBBS, Dr Shaifulamir MBBS, Dr Shahril Iman MBBS, Dr Rubini MBBS, Dr Ayuni MBBS, Dr Saharah MBBS, Dr Wahidah MBBS, Dr Wan Syafiqah MBBS, Dr Najwa MBBS, Dr Afifah MBBS


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Our medical books entitled “NEBULIZER, Take a breath & read happily” consisting a set of 4 books which includes Medicine, Paediatrics, O&G and surgery. These books are a huge compilation of all important short notes using our very own style of presentation for easier and better understanding of each topic. Medical textbooks, Malaysian guidelines on certain topics and tips from specialist had been our major references which we present in our own unique ways.

We would like to announce that our books can be purchased as one book or a full set of books consisting of 4 different postings with a free pocketbook inside.

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