Manual of Anaesthesia

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Manual of Anaesthesia for Medical Officers is a concise and practical guide for anaesthetists, providing a source of quick reference and systematic approach to anaesthetic practice. Even though the emphasis of the book is on clear and practical advice on various aspects of anaesthesia, some essential background knowledge is provided for better understanding of each topic. The book is conveniently divided into five sections: a)Introduction — highlights various general topics in anaesthesia, such as premedication round, perioperative fluid therapy and blood transfusion guidelines, checking of anaesthetic equipment, monitoring and common drugs in anaesthesia. b)Clinical conditions — preoperative assessment and preparation, intra- and postoperative management of patients with pre-existing medical conditions. c)Anaesthesia for specific surgery — anaesthetic technique and management for various specialised surgical procedures. d)Issues in anaesthesia — new techniques and developments in anaesthetic practice. e)Problems in anaesthesia — diagnosis and management of critical events which may be encountered during the perioperative period.

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