I Am a Houseman (2nd Edition)

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Prof Madya Dr Raja Affendi Raja Ali, Dr. Tuan Muhd Fairuz Tuan Ismail, Dr Wan Nor Balqis Abd Aziz

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it is Common for us to hear stories about misconduct or mismanagement made by medical personnel and mistreatment of seniors particularly towards housemen which created negative perception about housemanship. These unsavoury stories altough rare are unfortunately popular and are passed from generation to generation. This give shivers to new houseman and medical students as they prepare to enter housmanship. This book provides a clear guide and positive outlook to houseman in Malaysia on how to conduct themselves and prepare them in their new role. Its presentation in pointform makes it easy and straight forward to be followed as a guide. The inclusion of financial tips and career pathway, two very important topics which are often neglected by many, makes it a compulsary reading. Indeed i strongly recommend this book to housemen and students who want to embark on medical career.

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