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Mustafa Ali Mohd et al

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DRUG abuse and addiction are indeed major social problems in Malaysia. At the University of Malaya (UM) and the University Malaya Medical center (UMMC), are aware of the growing concern among the public with the alarming rate and seriousness of this social epidemic. With this realization, UM and UMMC are regularly conducting courses and activities to educate the public on the latest issues in drug abuse and addiction.
The objective of this book is primarily to cater as the main textbook for students taking “GP Course in Management and Treatment of Substance of Abuse” organized by the Malaysian Medical Association (MMA). It will also be used as a reference for medical students doing the Master of Psychological Medicine (MPM). In addition, the information will benefit those from the medical profession such as students, nurses and medical practitioners especially those involved in psychiatric management. On a large scale, this book will also prove useful to officers working at drug rehabilitation centers and the National Drug Agency.
The first of its kind, this publication is commendable effort by three Malaysian academicians, combining expertise from several areas, specifically clinical psychiatry and clinical analytical pharmacology. Thus, the book takes a multi-disciplinary approach and is comprehensive and holistic in nature

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