Clinical Surgical Case Manual 2nd edition

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Kanchana Sundaramurthy

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Clinical Surgical Case Manual is the second edition of this extensive handbook, providing invaluable guidance on the management of various surgical conditions, and tips for medical students on theory, clinical and viva voce examinations. The book is organised by disorder type, with 92 chapters presenting various surgical cases, their presentation and management options. This edition is fully revised and updated, with two new chapters on ‘Perforation of Hollow Viscus’ and ‘General Oncology for Surgeons’. Frequently asked questions are included at the end of some chapters, as well as a checklist at the beginning of the book to aid medical students with exam revision. 151 illustrations and images enhance readers’ understanding of each condition. Clinical Surgical Case Manual is a comprehensive and versatile resource, useful for teaching sessions by professors in surgery, preparation for surgical examination for postgraduates, and as a reference guide for medical practitioners. Key Points *92 chapters covering the management of various surgical conditions *2 new chapters on ‘Perforation of Hollow Viscus’ and ‘General Oncology for Surgeons’ * FAQs and checklist to aid exam revision *151 images and illustrations * Fully revised, new edition * First edition published 2009

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