How fast can I get my stuff if I pay now?

Payment made before 3pm (Monday – Friday) will be processed and delivered to PosLaju on the same day. PosLaju  guarantees next working day delivery (D+1) within PosLaju coverage areas. For areas outside PosLaju  delivery areas, 2-3 working days standard delivery may apply. All orders or payment made on Saturdays and Sundays will be processed on the next Monday.

How long does it take for backordered products to be available?

Normally, it takes only a day for a backordered products to be available. Only in rare cases that involve main suppliers from overseas will take about 1-2 weeks or even more depending on situations.

Can I cancel my order if I don't get my stuff in time?

Yes. You may cancel your order and get a full refund if you don’t get your stuff in time.

How long does it take to engrave my stethoscope?

Laser engraving takes only a day. We engrave and make the delivery all in 1 day.

I already have a stethoscope. Can I engrave my current stethoscope?

Yes. You may drop by at our office or post to us at No 2-23, Jalan SG 1, Prima Sri Gombak, 68100 Batu Caves, Selangor. Engraving will take 1 day. We will post back the stethoscope to you with free postage or you can  pick up yourself after we have received and engraved your stethoscope. You can make your engraving order at our Engraving Service section  (Shop > Engraving Service)

I couldn’t find the books/equipment that I wanted. Can I request them?

Yes. You can go to our Request section (Shop > Request) and fill up the form. We will give you the answer through email. Just bear with us, as the process may take some time.

Can I be Hanz Medshoppe’s agent/dropship agent?

Yes. Please contact us at info@hanzmedshoppe.com


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